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The Swan Wing

When Cress is invited to stay with Queen Sophia in Wilderose, she immediately accepts. Studying the fashion of Wilderose is just the edge she needs to become the most renowned dressmaker in the known world. The only problem is that she keeps running into the man she loathes the most.

Garrett is trying to atone for all of his past mistakes, starting with tracking down the raiders responsible for murdering the previous king and queen of Lyra while he was on duty as a solider. While following a lead that takes him to the capital of Wilderose, he crosses paths with the last person he was expecting to find there: the best friend of his former fiancée. Cress makes her dislike for him as clear as day, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to be around a familiar face.

Neither of them gets a choice when an unfortunate misunderstanding causes a witch to curse them both: they will be swans by day and humans by night. Their only hope for finding freedom from the witch’s ire is to work together to figure out how to break the curse. 

And the Lake they are trapped on is not quite as serene as they first thought...


The Swan Wing is inspired by Swan Lake and The Six Swans.

Release Date: December 14th, 2021

The Swan Wing - 3D.png
The Cursed Queen: Work
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